Escape From Tarkov (Lite)

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Escape From Tarkov

Our Escape From Tarkov Lite cheat is designed to give you an edge and help you win with ease without the cost of a full cheat. It is designed for the players who wish to progress without the aid of aimbot and other advanced capabilities which our full cheat features.


Operating System: Windows 10 (1903+, Home/Pro)

Processor: 4 cores or more at > 2GHz

Extras: Includes HWID Spoofer at no extra cost


Total: 0

Human ESP

  • Boxes (Partial/Corner/Full)
  • Draw Skeleton
  • Show K/D
  • Show Total Value (R)
  • Show Level
  • Show Weapon
  • Show Name
  • Show Distance
  • Show Player Inventory
  • Tracer Lines (PMCs/Scavs/Bosses)
  • Max Render Distance

Loot ESP

  • Search Containers
  • Filter by flea price (Min & Max [R])
  • Filter by trader price (Min & Max [R/D/E])
  • Filter by category (Barter, card, case etc)
  • Show Distance
  • Max Render Distance

Grenade ESP

  • Draw Tracer Line
  • Show Distance
  • Max Render Distance

Extract ESP

  • Show State (Active, Requirement...)
  • Show Distance

Corpse ESP

  • Show Distance
  • Show Corpse Inventory
  • Show Inventory Items
  • Max Render Distance