HWID Spoofer


HWID Spoofer

The HWID Spoofer (Hardware Identifiers Spoofer) provided by us ensures safety with no intrusion. The longevity of your cheating experience depends on whether or not you decide to use our Spoofer or not. Without the protection of a HWID Spoofer, a simple hardware ban may turn into a chaotic mess. With this being said, our product provides you with the ability to disguise your hardware in the unfortunate event of a hardware ban in which the anti-cheat will blacklist any user with the same identifiers as you - resulting in constant bans. Our software grants your computer a new identity providing you with the power of getting back into the action without any unexpected bans.

What does our HWID Spoofer offer?

Dynamic: Yields a brand new set of hardware identifiers every time you load our product.
Static: Yields a constant set of hardware identifiers every time you load our product.

You may ask, what is the difference? Some anti-cheats may get suspicious if users are constantly changing hardware. To combat this, we offer a static version of the spoofer which allows you to use one set of hardware for every account you use. This will deprive the anti-cheat of suspicion and allow you to game in peace.


Operating System: Windows 10 (1903+, Home/Pro)


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